Best Reasons to Buy an Android One Smartphone

Micromax, Spice and Karbonn in partnership with Google announced three Android devices , which came to be known as Android One.

What is Android One?

The first basic question comes in our thoughts are what is Android One. Android One is a Google program partnered with phone companies to create high quality smartphone with affordable price. The program was announced in June by Pichai and India may be the first country to experience the Android One.

Top Explanations why You Should Buy Android One smartphone

Android One Smartphone

Android One Smartphone

Better performance

The Android One smartphones will give you a smooth and fluid User Interface. It give you a rich and performance knowing the fact, it operates on stock Android. There’s no customization made by the manufacturer’s part on these Android One smartphones. You must be familiar with Moto E, a beginner smartphone from Motorola which gives a buttery smooth experience mostly since it runs on stock Android. So, with Android One, you get equal performance when compared with Moto E, but also in a cheaper price.

Regular Updating

The topmost benefit of purchasing the Android One is that it would get constant system updates and therefore would never lag down within the race. At a gadget priced so low and having feature like this simply a dream become a reality.

Build and Design

Google said that it will be the one to provide the software as well as ensure to provide best specifications in the best price. So, now the only thing left to target is the build and design from the smartphones which will be done by the manufacturers. According to Cesar Sengupta VP, Product management, manufacturers will be coming up with different designs for Android One smartphones later on.

Best Price and specifications

As promised by Google the program was provided to the manufacturers that may actually ensure value for money i.e. an electrical packed specification phone. Exactly what the manufacturers would now care about is only the hardware part, rest all would be in the hands of the Google. For future, different manufacturers are expected to be lining up for the Android One Smartphone to become undertaken.

Build and Design

Build and Design

Special customization for the Indian Customers

The special Indian launch continues to be emphasized by the very special Google Translate feature. Google conveyed, that the Google Translation feature continues to be updated recently keeping under consideration the better translation for the Hindi language. There has been verdicts for a better knowledge of the Hindi accent and thus the Google Now apps are being likely to be functioning in a easier way. There are even claims for more customization and specifications keeping track of the Indian customers and demands.

Specifications to become relied on

The basic specifications of those Android Ones launched a day back shared common base. They are the best in the price range to be attractive to all. They all have a 4.5 ” screen with a 1GB of RAM to become depending upon. Also, they have 5MP of camera in the rear and a 2MP at the front. The internal memory of about 4GB and also the Smartphone offers to run on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat preloaded with them.

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