Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications And Release Date

Samsung galaxy S7 can have very good clarity and high performance in-camera feature and good amloed screen display.

Samsung is by far the most used mobile phone in the world. The authority of Samsung came when they introduced the Samsung Galaxy S Series. The Galaxy S series have been the consumers’ choice for they always meet the demands of the ever changing trends in technology.

The South Korean giant Samsung is known for having that extra bit of talent in understanding the typical needs of present day users of all groups. If Sammy is a winner, then its Galaxy S line-up is considered the winning shot. Fans always hope for the best from Samsung through Galaxy S line-up. S5 managed to match well with the number games, but couldn’t really win the expectations. Anyway, things were managed quite nicely through next generation Note device. Now Galaxy S6 is certainly going to be a better stuff, but if you are hoping for something really interesting, then the Galaxy S7 could be a fine recommendation.

Specifications and Features Of Galaxy S7:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Super AMOLED Display

Samsung means, something bigger and better always. Being the father of today’s hybrid size, the devices have been fantastic to hang with. If sources are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to pack the AMOLED display, in fact the Super AMOLED display of 4K resolution. This is going to be a device of at least 5.5 inches size.


Samsung has always done well when it came to the camera of the smart phone which is a bold stream device. S6 had a 16mp rear camera and 5.1mp front and device with F1.9 lenses and also had high resolution sensors on both fronts, it had the auto real time high dynamic range (HDR) smart optical image stabilization (OIS) and IR detect while balance provides advanced light sensitivities and crisp camera solutions too. S7 would have 30mp rear camera with ultra-low light sensitivity sensor and 7Xmp front end camera.


There would be LDDR4, 8 GB memory modules that would be placed in the 4GB ram box. Some more advanced chips are being created at the “lower nano scale” that is LDDR4 that would fit in the 6GB ram.


Samsung S6 had 64 bit Octa core Exynos processor based on a 14nm processor which replaced the Quailcomm chip, therefore it can be expected that Galaxy S7 would have nothing less than “True Octa core 3.X Ghz processor”. The frequency would be 3.X+Ghz as Samsung is trying very hard to revolutionize the technology display. Previously LG & HTC were the 2 brands that had the 3D showcase in their smart phones. S6 had the AMOLED screen technology with a 5.1 inch QHD display (that’s 2560X1440 leading to 577ppi) and having a software front of 5.0.2. Therefore there is a possibility of Galaxy S7 having a super AMOLED 4K display with 5.5 inch screen functioning on a software front of Android 6.0.X.


Galaxy S7 would be having 6GB RAM that should boost the specs of this mobile phone and make it super-fast.

HMP Technology

The cyclone HMP technology was used by Apple in their latest iphone chipset and it would support 6 instructions per cycle which would enhance the performance of the device 2X that was around 3 instructions per cycle last year.


After all, a Smartphone can never be smart without healthy network connectivity. If this is the case, then upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be something smartest. While 4G network connectivity is considered something of a great standard, Samsung is all set to take the thrill to the next level through the 5G network. It means no more delay to enjoy those videos/flicks over your system through web. Additionally, Samsung is expected to enhance its Wi-Fi connectivity capacity as well.

Release Date:

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date will be April 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price:

India : Rs 60,000

USA: $999

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