Top Five Android Phones 2014

This handset is a mid-range phone with high end features including powerful operating system and storage facilities.

Are you going to purchase a new android smartphone 2014. Here is the list of Top 5 best mobiles in 2014 with good Features and Price. The price is really affordable if you are looking for a wall quality brand from trusted manufacturers. The list includes Moto X, Galaxy Note 3, LG G3, LG G Flex and Xperia Z1s etc. Choose the right one from the list and enjoy ultimate features and options of new smartphone era.

Here are top Android smartphones 2014:

Top Five Android Phones 2014

Top Five Android Phones 2014

Moto X

We awarded the Moto X the smartphone of the year for 2014, so it’s certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. It provides the best example the user experience and software is more important than any spec sheet out there. Motorola has continued to improve the Moto X with frequent updates, as well as beat competitors to Android 4.4 KitKat by months. The Moto X can also be now officially $399 without a contract whenever, though you can still custom make one on the variety of U.S. carriers in a fraction of the cost. Killer software. Killer design. The Moto X is still a top choice.

Galaxy Note 3

You haven’t lived until you’ve gazed upon the incredible screen around the Galaxy Note 3. We’re kidding of course, but the Note 3 still stands as the most popular phablet on the market and its screen is still one of the best out there. As the Moto X has a reserved spec sheet, the Galaxy Note 3 is loaded towards the brim with some of the latest hardware around the market. Snapdragon 800 processor? Check. 3GB of RAM? Check. Brilliant 5.7-inch 1080p screen? Check. Toss in an IR blaster, a solid camera, Samsung’s S Pen, more software options than you are able to dream up, and you have the Galaxy Note 3.


The LG G3 isn’t on the shelves just yet, but information has been leaked about some of the handset’s features, and let’s just state that they look formidable to say the least. An octa-core processor is just the start since this phone will proceed to 64-bit architecture much like the step the iPhone 5S has already taken. There’s no word around the size of the screen yet but it’s known that a 1440 x 2560 display is around the cards, bringing it to 2K resolution standards. A 16 megapixel camera also sits around the rear of the phone, but for the rest of the specs we’re just going to need to wait and see. What’s certain is this fact phone will be a ferocious competitor for those of its rivals, and the sales figures will hopefully do that phone some justice the LG G2 never experienced.

LG G Flex

Following the Samsung Galaxy Round’s release in Korea, there was no way that rival phone companies weren’t likely to come up with a like-for-like response: the LG G Flex is LG’s response to this wonderfully curved device. The G Flex includes a curved screen measuring 6 inches and has a quad-core 2.26GHz processor. Its camera is very impressive at 13mp, but the something that may put many off at this time is the substantial price tag, ringing in at well over the typical high-end phone price at roughly $900 approximately. The Flex is no doubt a high-end masterpiece but waiting for the price to drop would be a smart move which will save you money.

Xperia Z1s

Sony’s Xperia Z1 is hitting the U.S. within the form of the Xperia Z1s on T-Mobile, and it’s going for a spot in our top 5 list. Yes, which means we had to sacrifice one (the Galaxy S4), but we believe it’s a fair trade. The Galaxy S4 continues to be an amazing phone, but the Xperia Z1s beats it spec-to-spec, and if you want a Samsung experience we’ll show you the Note 3. The Xperia Z1s sports a waterproof design, a Snapdragon 800 processor, a 20.7-megapixel camera and much more. Its display could use some work (the coating for waterproofing appears to hurt viewing angles), however the design and processing power earns it a high spot on this list.

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