Top five sexy iPhone 4 cases

Sexy iPhone 4 cases- This mobile phone deserved to be covered with an even better quality & style cover.


IPhone 4 from Apple Inc. owners are proud owners of a great sexy stylish phone of glass & steel. The phone is equipped with some of

Sexy iPhone 4 cases

Sexy iPhone 4 cases

the latest technology & features that can give other mobile phone models a run for their money. This mobile phone deserved to be covered with an even better quality & style cover. The features of this cover should be such that they complement to enhance the value & look of this great handset rather than depreciating it. Features that can add value & attracts the other people attention can be categorized as:

  • Flashy color
  • Fine texture
  • Clean lines
  • Curvaceously appealing form factor
  • Great fitting
  • Trendy style & look

IPhone 4 owner will be getting a free iPhone 4 case from Apple hitting their doorsteps. (Many have already even gotten theirs.) But not everyone may be content with the choices offered. In fact, some may be wondering if there isn’t something better out there, something even more worthy of that sleek glass-and-steel handset. We enlist some types of these covers along with their features that can help you zero on them.

Element Vapor 4 case $79.95

Let’s start with a iPhone 4 case that has very sleek looks. Not just gorgeous and unique, but it’s also light weight and a step up from the other Apple cases. There are only two color options right now, in black/black and black/pink, but more colors are in the works, so be sure to check back to the site for updates.

Grove Bamboo Artist Series $69 – $89

Not into a metallic iPhone 4 case that looks like it was copied from a spaceship? If you’d rather keep your style firmly planted on Earth, here’s an eco-friendly option of iPhone 4 case that brags about the beauty of bamboo. In addition to the ecological material, there is also a metal ring that lines the front of the case to keep the phone firmly in place. Choose from 16 different designs or customize with one of your own. The best part is that it has got smooth moves: Unlike other cases that require you to mess around with removing it before docking (that’s not sexy), you can just pop off the bottom part. Allow 6-10 weeks for order (plus an additional 2 weeks for customized cases.)

Incipio Feather Case $24.99

Top five sexy iPhone 4 cases

Top five sexy iPhone 4 cases

Maybe you want barely there protection, but need something more than a skin. At less than 1mm thin, the Incipio Feather polymer iPhone 4 case is the epitome of sleek. And for a case that’s so slim, it can pack a serious style statement: In Black, it’s hardly noticeable on the device, but metallic Tonic offers a heavy metal hardware look. Or pick a brighter hue, like this Lemon-Lime option (above) for some extra eye-popping flair. There are 12 colors to choose from, so customers will surely find a case to match their style.

iLuv SENTINEL Metal Case $29.99

Shiny metallic tones married to a curvy exterior give the iPhone 4 case some “bling” just by slipping it on. Your choice of color includes gold, chrome, titanium and bronze.

Seidio Innocase II $29.95

This Seidio iPhone 4 case has some of the best attributes of the items above mentioned. Not only does it offer a comfortable fit for the iPhone 4, but it’s lightweight, has a two-piece interlocking design (for easy removal of the bottom piece, like the Bamboo case) and it comes in a range of eight colors. It also sports a soft-touch finish that gives users a slip-resistant grip without being too sticky or “grippy.” So if you’re worried about pulling your iPhone out of the pocket and dusting off the fuzzies (so a friend can oogle over it), don’t fear. This is actually designed to resist lint.

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